World’s first NFC (Near Field Communication) payment ring enabled by Infineon

World’s first NFC (Near Field Communication) payment ring enabled by Infineon

This ring provides unique payment experience enabled by security controller made by Infineon.


The world’s first NFC payment ring promises a completely new payment experience with new-found levels of convenience. Just imagine that – no need to take wallets or cards to the beach but you’re never short of “cash”. All you need to do is swipe or tap your ring if you fancy a cool drink or ice-cream. Your NFC ring is even water-proof!

Infineon drives innovation in smart wearable payment with security chips offering extraordinary contactless performace.

Never before has an EMV-compliant scheme been delivered through such a small, smart wearable. Given the stakes, it’s hardly surprising that an Infineon contactless security controller offering extraordinary contactless performance was selected for this benchmark project. It places this ring – with Infineon inside – at the forefront of wearable technology innovation.


Benefits of smart wearable payments

Small smart devices with near-field communication (NFC) capability are increasingly being used for contactless payments. A mature contactless payment infrastructure is already in place in many countries and cities. Their popularity is being driven by convenience – no need to root around for wallets or change any more. You simply hold your smart contactless device close to the terminal or reader. Reaching beyond conventional smart devices such as cellphones and credit cards, secured NFC payment is now also being delivered through armbands, chains, implants, clothes and – most recently – rings!


People with an active lifestyle in particular love the flexibility of smart wearables. You can wear a stylish NFC ring, for instance, while you jog, climb or swim. It’s perfect for smaller purchases on the go. Event organizers could distribute rings for on-location purchases, for instance. With NFC payment you’re good to go in less than a second!

Hence make a quickest and simplest payment method.

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