SKULLY: The awesome bike experience with safety

SKULLY: The awesome bike experience with safety

The SKULLY AR-1 is the first hemet with 180° blindspot camera  and heads up display for unparalleled situation awareness and safety .

Providing 360° awareness everytime


As it is considered and well known to all of us helmets are a mess to reduce the capability of viewing of the person driving and reduces the safety level as well as the security during driving .


SKULLY has made this helmet for awesome ride and enhanced safety by using  its 180° blindspot camera and an heads up display to make its visibility and awareness awesome.


Features of SKULLY:

  1. 180° Blindspot camera which provides:

a) an ultra-wide glanceable view of the road behind you to ensure the safety.

b)adjust the viewing angle on the heads up display.

c)your passanger is small portion of ultra wide blind-spot camera view.

2.  Semi transparent display :

Say focused during the ride for a clear view of everything happened around you.

3.  Infinite Focus:

Look ahead, see on the heads up display, then look ahaead again without refocusing your eyes.

4. All weather photocromic wiser:

Automatically and gradually darkens in bright sunlight.

5. Carbon reinforced shell

6. Intelligent sound:

Bluetooth enabled , immersive audio environment.

7. Multi density Crash Protection

8. Voice command :

voice commands activated for music streaming , calls and GPS.


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