SIMPIZ-The Fastest Portable Charger

SIMPIZ-The Fastest Portable Charger

SIMPIZ: Fastest Power Bank on the Planet

Fully recharges in 18 min (8x faster than QC 3.0). 3 min of charging SIMPIZ can charge 1 phone.

SIMPIZ is the fastest portable power bank/battery charger requiring only 18 minutes to fully recharge 9000mAh, compared to other traditional portable power banks which require 8 hours or more to recharge 9000mAh.

In a hurry? Recharging the SIMPIZ between 3-15 minutes will provide enough juice to fully charge these popular devices:

Living in the modern world, we’re constantly on our smartphones 24/7 — but the problem is most smartphone batteries can’t keep up with our lifestyle and the way we use our phones. So, we’re forced to rely on portable chargers to get through the day.  But as most of us can attest, when you need portable batteries the most, like a night out on the town or a quick weekend vacation, you forget to recharge them! So either you leave it behind or you unknowingly bring along a dead portable power bank. We’ve all been there. And we know the frustration. But that aggravation is coming to an end with the SIMPIZ.

Charge 4 Devices at same Time

SIMPIZ has an amazing versatile and convenient hub + dock station that allows you to recharge the SIMPIZ while simultaneously charging multiple devices , like your smart phone and tablet. With the hub + dock’s three output ports to charge all your devices, it keeps everything all in one place and reduces outlet use. All your cables and devices will be neatly placed on a surface thanks to SIMPIZ. Lost cables and dead phones will be a thing of the past.

Instead of fiddling with cables the SIMPIZ hub + dock only takes a quick second to plug in. It’s simple and efficient. The dock also features a blue light indicator that blinks while charging and turns solid when the SIMPIZ is fully charged.


Safe to use for charging SIMPIZ and your phone. 

SIMPIZ is also one of the longest-lasting batteries, double the cycle life of standard portable batteries. We use special high-efficiency battery cells that are able to handle the power of DUBI 1.0™ and QC 2.0. The result is a speedy two-way charging not found in other chargers.

These special battery cells are similar to those used for electric cars like Tesla.

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