This Robot Bat is an awesome example of engineering advancement in drones.

This is named as BAT BOT.

It looks and flies same as a Bat having a weight of approx 3.3 ounces. Its skeleton is made up of Carbon Fibre and the wings are made of silicon membrane which are attached to the skeleton .

It totally consists of on board computer and sensors in its head, micro sized motor on its backbone.

It was designed by trio of roboticists led by Soon-Jo Chung at Caltech, it was unveiled in the journal Science Robotics.

To build this robot named Bat Bot, Chung’s team first had to mechanize flapping bat wings, joint by joint. “It’s impractical, or impossible, to incorporate [all 40] of these joints in the robot’s design,” says Chung. Instead they have┬ábeen able to make such a design which is able to fly .

This video shows how it works.

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