QUICKEST Electric Mustang ZOMBIE 222

QUICKEST Electric Mustang ZOMBIE 222

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QUICKEST is the best suited word for the ZOMBIE 222 as it reaches 0-60 in just 1.79 seconds.

Mustang name itself resembles us to a strong Muscle car which is known for its roaring power and performance.
Here we are talking about Electric mustang which is a lot powerful than we think.
It is the quickest Mustang named ZOMBIE 222 which is powered by dual motors providing approx 750hp.

This Mustang is converted by Bloodshed Motors.

Bloodshed Motors has converted a 68 Mustang into an electric Mustang providing 750 hp.

Mustang is a famous and most lovable muscle car of the time and a lot of people dream of having mustang.

This time Bloodshed motor has introduced a new thing about mustang by converting into an electric muscle car with a silent but more powerful version of it.

This has proved that powerful machine can be there without having the environmental pollution issues.


It Produces approx 750 Bhp.

Top Speed of 174 mph.

0-60 mph in 1.79 s.

Powered by dual motors.

Attached with an overdrive unit to achieve the top speed.

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Having a Lithium Polymer Battery pack.


Some content in the page has been adapted or used from Bloodshedmotors.com, under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


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