LR 1500- Liebherr Largest Smart Crane

LR 1500- Liebherr Largest Smart Crane

LR 1500


The LR 1500 crawler crane delivers outstanding load capacities over its entire operating range. It is extremely compact and can be transported anywhere in the world without any restrictions. The overall concept of the LR 1500 is designed for simplicity in all areas and great economy.

Max. load capacity 500 t
Max. hoist height 165 m
Max. radius 144 m
liebherr lr 1500
liebherr lr 1500


TThe track width of the LR 1500 is 24’11”/ 7.6 meters, and within the 400-ton class range. The standard base plates on the LR 1500 measure 4’11”/ 1.5 meters in width to achieve low ground pressure.


The derrick system on the LR 1500 is also designed for maximum performance with compact dimensions. Derrick boom is 98 ft/ 30 meters in length and the derrick ballast is up to 617,300 lbs/ 280 tons. The derrick radius can be adjusted in a very large range from 30 ft/ 9 m to 53 ft/ 16 m. A minimum derrick radius of just 30 ft/ 9 m is an excellent value for a 500-ton class crawler crane.

The Derrick System
The Derrick System

Concept, Design and Simplicity

Liebherr crawler crane cannot just be transported easily and at low cost, but is also simple to set up and operate.

The powerful main hoist gear with its rope hoist of 180 kN can handle all hoists up to the maximum load capacity. This makes crane operation easier since it means that there is no need for a second winch for dual operation for heavyweight hoists. Another winch with a rope hoist of 125 kN is only needed if the crane is operated with a runner.

Maximum performance and sensitivity with closed hydraulic circuits

LR 1500, Liebherr uses a technology which has been proven in other large crawler cranes in the LR series. All the winches, the slewing gear and the drive units for the crawler travel gear have closed hydraulic circuits.

liebherr lr 1500 hydraulics
liebherr lr 1500 hydraulics

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