HYPERLOOP – Fastest Future Transportation

HYPERLOOP – Fastest Future Transportation

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Hyperloop is a future transportation technology which will be used very soon for transportation.

It will be the fastest means of transportation having speed of approx 700 mph.

This technology is based on transportation using a capsule in a low pressure tube , The capsule contains the space for passengers or the luggage to be transported.

The tubes could be made above ground on columns or underground.

The concept was first given by Elon Musk. He referred it as fifth mode of transportation and called as Hyperloop.

It consists of :


It transfers huge force of air away from the nose of the capsule.

2)Low pressure tube

Provides a propagation medium to the capsule

3)Air Bearing

Provides a cushion to the capsule.

4)Pay load

Place for passanger and lugagge


Electric motors for moving the capsule.

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This is the video about hyperloop:

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