HYPERCOOL-The Fastest Portable Cooler

HYPERCOOL-The Fastest Portable Cooler

Warm summer days, easy holiday mood, time for chilling and recreation. Why carry a big, heavy cooler when you can chill with style?

HYPERCOOL is the fastest portable cooler. It’s battery powered, compact and lightweight. You can take it to beach, picnic, training, boating or road trip – anywhere you go!

HYPERCOOL chills your drinks all day long. The cooling method ensures perfect quality of your drinks; there’s no loss of bubbles or foaming.

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Fill the cooling insert with tap water and place it in freezer for min. 10 hours. The freezing time depends on the power of your freezer.
Get ready for chilling!
Add two standard size cans or one large can and switch on the motor.


chilled drink


HYPERCOOL is a new invention that cools room temperature cans to cold in 60 seconds, ice-cold in 90 seconds. It’s compact, lightweight and portable. Take it to beach, picnic, boat, camping or training – anywhere you go!
Does HYPERCOOL change the quality of my drink?
No. There’s no loss of bubbles (carbonates) due to controlled rotation speed, small vibration and extremely low friction between the cans and ice. Your drink stays perfect!
Do I need a freezer?
Yes. The cooling insert is placed in a freezer overnight (min. 10 hours). The freezing time depends on the power of your freezer.
Do I need batteries?
Yes. HYPERCOOL runs on 2 AA-batteries (very long battery life, up to 200 cans).
What kind of cans can I use with HYPERCOOL?
You can use standard aluminium cans. Simultaneously 2 x 33 cl (11.3 oz) or 1 x 50 cl (16.9 oz) / 56.8 cl pint (19.2 oz) or any other can height with the same standard diameter. We do not recommend plastic or glass bottles (much slower cooling time and not practical).
How fast is it? 
It depends on various conditions such as the starting temperature of your drink, temperature of the cooling insert and the desired temperature of your drink. In general, 60 seconds to cold (5 C / 41 F) and 90 seconds to ice-cold (2 C / 36 F). Whatever temperature you want, it’s your choice with HYPERCOOL.
How long does the cooling insert stay frozen?
It depends on the temperature of the cooling insert as well as the outside temperature (and direct sunlight etc.) In general the cooling insert is usable from a few hours up to a day whenever the cooling insert is kept inside HYPERCOOL.
Size and weight of HYPERCOOL?
Length 30 cm (11.8 in), width 16 cm (6.3 in), height 15 cm (5.9 in ). Empty weight 0.9 kg (2 lb) – with full cooling insert 1.9 kg (4.2 lb)
Does HYPERCOOL come with a warranty?
Yes, the warranty is 1 year.
Yes. It’s safe for adults and children. Hypercool only uses ordinary water. No chemicals are used. HYPERCOOL uses 1.5 V batteries. The rotation of the motor/cans uses extremely low energy and is very safe.

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