BLOODHOUND SSC World’s Fastest Car

BLOODHOUND SSC World’s Fastest Car

Bloodhound SSC is a supersonic car which goes to a speed of 1000 mph .
This car is even faster than the speed of sound that is why named as a supersonic car.
It is 13.4m long and weighs 7.5 tonnes.


This car is a mixture of car and aircraft technology, with the front section of a carbon fibre monocoque (like a racing car) and the back portion built of a metallic framework and panels (like an aircraft).
This Car will be powered by both a jet engine and a rocket, which together will produce more than 135,000 horsepowers.

This car consists of:

1)Jet engine:

2)Auxilary power unit:

3)Rocket Engine:

For such a high-speed car there is a need of much better braking technology. Thats why this car consists of three braking systems.

SSC has three braking systems: airbrakes, parachutes and wheel brakes. These will be used one-by-one to slow the car down from its top speed of over 1,000mph.

This video shows about Bloodhound SSC

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