Android? ; When its all started!

Android? ; When its all started!

Android logoAndroid is basically an operating system for smart-phones and tablets. First android os  began to release on November 2007 and android 1.0 officially released on 23 September 2008, which is named as Alpha. Well this release of os officially not used in market on a regular basis.

According to Tech History Android is started developing in 2003 by Android Inc. ,which was after some time purchased by Google in 2005.

There were at least two internal releases of the software inside Google and the OHA before the beta version was released in November 2007. For the milestones in internal releases, names of fictional robots were chosen, with various releases code-named as Astro-Boy, Bender, and R2-D2.

The Beta  version was released on November 5, 2007, while the Software Development Kit (SDK) was released on November 12, 2007. The November 5 date is popularly celebrated as Android’s “birthday”.

Further official Android Versions released on following dates:

Code-Name Version Initial release date


1.O 23-Sep-08
1.1 09-Feb-09
Cupcake 1.5 27-Apr-09
Donut 1.6 15-Sep-09
Éclair 2.O-2.1 26-Oct-09
Froyo 2.2-2.2.3 20-May-10
Gingerbread 2.3-2.3.7 06-Dec-10
Honeycomb 3.O-3.2.6 22-Feb-11
Ice-cream sandwhich 4.O-4.0.4 18-Oct-11
Jelly bean 4.1-4.3.1 09-Jul-12
Kitkat 4.4-4.4.4 31-Oct-13
Lollipop 5.0-5.1.1 12-Nov-14
Marshmallow 6.0-6.0.1 05-Oct-15
Noughat 7.O 22-Aug-16
Android Versions
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