Grobo : Grow Your Personal Organic Food & Medicine

Grobo : Grow Your Personal Organic Food & Medicine

Meet Grobo One Smart Grow Box

We all Know that food products come from plants and plants grow in open fields, know wait a second and change your thinking because Grobo is here : Your own personal organic food ,plant grow box. Seriously, it works very effectively. See yourself…..

Grobo one can grow any plant with one touch from your smartphone. Mind blowing technology isnt, it?

Grobo one hydroponic grow box
Grobo one hydroponic grow box

Know the Technology…!!

A Canadian startup named Grobo made this portable device with very hi-tech process and hard work.  Its creators describe it as a “Keurig for plants.”

What we have to do is simply fill its reservoirs with water and nutrients, drop some seeds into its base, and then hit a button on a connected app to start the growing process. A couple weeks later, you’re ready to harvest. That simple.

Grobo one in living room
Grobo one in living room

Grobo one the Hydroponic grow box uses sensors to monitor the condition of the plant, automatically adjusting its watering schedule, and then lets you know when it’s ready to harvest.

Plants we can grow in Grobo one

It is Suitable to grow a large range of crops – including tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, herbs, kale, and more — but Grobo’s founder and CEO, Bjorn Dawson, says the device’s creation was inspired by the challenges Canadians face growing medicinal cannabis at home.

APP Control

Grobo one can be fully controlled by an smartphone app, if the user want grobo can grow plant by itself all we have to do is send commands by grobo app. Seeds are placed in a growing medium made from recycled coconut husks, with the user telling the device what’s been planted so it can regulate the delivery of water and nutrients.

grobo app
grobo app

Sensors inside the Grobo monitor, how much of this material is absorbed by the plant and measure its height, allowing the app to make adjustments to the growing schedule or alert the user if they need to intervene. LEDs inside mimic a full 18 hours of sunshine every day, while carbon filters can be turned to eliminate any odors created by the plants.

It’s Awesome ..

Unique Features

  • Automatic Watering : Hydroponic system gives your plants the proper water and nutrients. Never forget to water again.
  • Temperature and Humidity Control : Ensures that your plants are always thriving in the right temperature.
  • Fluid Glass : Switches from transparent to opaque. See your plants, but also give them the darkness they need to grow.
  • Photon Lights : Specialized LEDs give your plants the perfect amount of color and light, covering an 8-colour spectrum.
  • Carbon Filter : Whatever smell your organic matter might produce is filtered away.
  • Wi-fi Enabled : Wi-fi connectivity sends real-time information to your phone so you always know what’s going on.

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